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Bayern líf - Sparnaður

Sparnaður ehf. was founded in 2002 as a sales company for insurance and finance-related products.

In 2007, Sparnaður entered into an agency agreement with the German company Versicherungskammer Bayern for the sale and service of pension savings.

In 2014, the Central Bank of Iceland stopped new sales of foreign life insurance due to currency restrictions. Established foreign life insurance companies were allowed to honour contracts made before 2014.

In 2019, Versicherungskammer Bayern re-entered the Icelandic pension market through its subsidiary Saarland Versicherungs and the insurance broker PM-Premium Makler.

Sparnaður ehf. has a service agreement with PM-Premium Makler.

The fee collection company Premium has an agreement with Versicherungskammer Bayern for fee collection and other customer services, such as the preparation of overviews and disbursements. 
Sparnaður ehf.
CEO: Gestur B. Gestsson
VAT Number: 570902-2450
Address: Garðatorg 7, 210 Garðabær
Email: sparnadur@sparnadur.is
Phone: +354 577 2025
PM-Premium Makler GmbH
CEO: Gestur B. Gestsson
VAT Number: 640420-1380
Address: Garðatorg 7, 210 Garðabær
Email: pm-premium@pm-premium.de
Phone: +354 577 2025
Premium – Fee Collection
CEO: Ásta Rós Reynisdóttir
VAT Number: 561210-0630
Address: Aðalgata 24, 580 Siglufjörður
Email: premium@premium.is
Phone: +354 412 2700

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